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The command list is outdated. Use the slash commands in discord to see the available commands.

User commands are:

  • rep - Shows the user reputation or reputation of another user.
  • top - Shows the top users from this server.
  • info - Shows various information about the bot.
  • dashboard - metrics about your server

Team commands are:

  • repsettings - Manage your server settings
  • reactions - Manage the reactions used to give reputation
  • channel - Manage reputation channel
  • roles - Manage reputation and bot roles
  • locale - Change the bot locale
  • log - Get the recent donated or received reputation of a user. Or reputation information about a message.
  • scan - Scan a channel for reputation messages.
  • prune - Remove all reputations or a user or of users which are no longer on the guild (Removal of leaving users will be handled by us automatically. You won't need this normally)