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Terms of Service

These Terms of Service and Privacy regulation only apply to the public hosted instance which can be invited with this link

These terms only apply for the instances with the IDs 871322553698906142 and 834843896579489794.


By using the Reputation Bot, you are agreeing to be bound by these terms of service, all applicable laws and regulations, and agree that you are responsible for compliance with any applicable local laws. If you do not agree with any of these terms, you are prohibited from using Reputation Bot.


This service is provided "as is". You are not allowed...

  • to use this service with any commercial purpose.
  • to restrict access to this service for any user.
  • abuse or try to bypass any limitations enforced by this service.

This Service is a service with limited availability. I will always try to maintain it as good as possible. This service may be shutdown at any time. I shall restrict the general or personal usage of the Bot at any time.


In no event shall I be liable for any damages or loss of data arising out of the use or inability to this Service.


Your privacy is important, it always is.
Your data will not be shared publicly or with third parties. Only data which is required to maintain this service is stored. I do my best to keep your data secured and safe at any time. By using this Service you accept that I may process every personal data I need to provide this service in the best possible quality.

What we store:

This list is without any guarantees for completeness or currency

Users in voice channels

Discord data:
user id, guild id

We store the user ids of users which shared a voice channel in a guild recently.

We do this to allow users to give users reputation which shared a voice channel with them recently.

12 hours

Guild Settings

Discord data:
guild id, channel id, role id, emote id

We store the guild id, together with the settings of the guild

guild id: The guild id is required to identify the guild the settings are saved for.
channel id: The channels where reputation is allowed to be given.
role id: The roles which users get assigned when reaching a reputation goal.
emote id: The emotes which give reputation or should be added on reputation receival.

14 days after removal of the bot from the guild

Reputation Log

Discord Data:
guild id, channel id, message id, user id

The reputation log is required to compute the total and rolling reputation amount of users. It contains one entry per given reputation.

guild id, channel id, message id: This data is required to create jump links to the message which triggered a reputation donation. This is important for server owners or managers to keep track of the bot behaviour.
user id: The user id of the receiver and donor. We require the donor to prevent the users from backthanking and to enforce the cooldown between users. The receiver is required to compile leaderboards.

Instantly after deletion of the message or the trigger which triggered the reputation donation. 14 days after the receiver left the guild. 14 days after the donor left the guild the donor id will be removed from the reputation entry.

GDPR data

Discord Data:
user id

We save this data to keep track of data requests.

user id: We save the id of the user who requested his data. This is required to track if the user received the data already and to facilitate some rate limit to avoid users requesting their data over and over again to overload our system.

90 days after the receiver received their data.

Deleting or requesting your data

If you want to delete or request your data take a look at the FAQ.