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  1. Head to Server Settings -> Integrations. Click to manage the reputation bot and add at least one role which should be allowed to manage the bot.
  2. Execute the /setup command and follow the instructions, which will guide you through the basic setup

After this, there are some optional steps you may want to take a look at. You will find more in depth configuration possibilities on the configuration and customization page

  • Use the /scan command to scan the messages in a channel for thank phrases. This will backfill your reputations. You can scan up to 100k messages in a channel. This will take some time, and you can only scan one channel at a time. The scan might cancel at some time once discord takes too long to deliver the requested messages.
  • Set your own reputation emote with /reaction main. This can be a custom emote from your server or a normal discord emote. you can also add more additional emotes with /reactions add.
  • Set the legacy prefix. All slash commands also exists as legacy text commands.
  • Use the /repsettings command to tweak your settings.
  • User the /thankwords check command to check if a message would give reputation.