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Giving reputation

The bot offers several methods to give reputation to users. Every reputation is bound to a message. It is not possible to give reputation without attaching it to a message. Deleting the message or emote which gave reputation to a user results in removal of the given reputation.

Active ways to give reputation can be configured with the repsettings command.


Chat activity

The bot implements some mechanics to detect which users are probably eligible to receive reputation.

User A: Some Message  # (1)
User B: Question?  # (2)
User C: Answer # (3)
User B: Thank you # (4)
  1. User A can't receive reputation because he has no message after the question
  2. This is the initial question. This adds User B to the donor context, which contains users eligible to give reputation
  3. A possible answer for the question. This adds User C to the receiver context, which contains users eligible to receive reputation
  4. The message which will trigger the reputation embed

In this conversation user A will not be eligible since there is no chance that A could have helped B before asking the actual question. Those context checks can be disabled via the abuseprotection command

Voice activity

One other way is to share a voice channel with a user. You can give or receive reputation from and to every user which shares or shared recently (Duration depends on server settings. Default 30 minutes) a voice channel with you. This can be done in every channel where reputation is enabled.


The embed method is the most common method. If the bot detects a thankword but cant determine a receiver with 100% confidence a message will be sent containing an embed. This embed contains all users which are eligible to receive reputation from the user which received a thankword.

A text with a confirmation request.


As an alternative user can also use a custom emote to thank a user.

A reputation reaction on a message


Another method is to answer on the message with a thank phrase.

A thank phrase as an answer to a message


You can also mention the user instead.

A thank message with a user mention

Which version you want to allow can be defined in the settings.


Instead of mentioning this can be done with some kind of fuzzy matching. The bot will only give reputation with a reasonable confidence. Most of the time this will trigger an embed instead.

A thank message containing a user name without a mention